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Are you ready to develop the skills to apply for a life time? Welcome to Hoopla sports, an environment where particpants ages 8-18 explore their independence while enjoying a fun-filled experience. If you're ready for an unforgettable adventure consider Hoopla sports camp.


'We know who we are, What we don't know is who we can become' -William Shakespeare


Hoopla’s goal is to empower student athletes to reach their goals in life via the principles utilized in sports. Coach Hayes, believe that team work is a vehicle that will foster the development of life skills: The ability to work with others, the ability to be responsible to self and your team by incorporating academic and life goals. Coach Hayes aim is to provide a positive experience for our kids to receive the opportunity to participate in a supportive structured sports environment. 
Hoopla is designed to promote sportsmanship, integrity and instill confidence in our participants on and off the court.  Hoopla is successful because of coach Hayes collaborations with community organizations, HBCUs, Prep schools, parents, educators and individuals.  At Hoopla Sports we are all dedicated to the development of our children to support their growth.

Skill + Leadership Activities

Speciality Areas

Playing Basketball

Volume shooting

Ready, Set, Go

Our Leadership Training Program allows our active participants to focus on instructional and individual clinics sessions. Participants have an option of attending a variety of curated programs depending on their age and preferences. Each of our programs provides an unforgettable experience of growth and leadership

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Intensive dribbling

Enjoy Pure Fun

 Develop your talents no matter how long you spend participating we guarantee a fun and exciting experience for all !

Basketball Dunk

Offensive & Defensive tactics 

Experience Total Fun

Hoopla provides an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy some quality time. Whether it’s your first experience with us, or  you've attended before. Our Programs allows everyone to take the time to learn useful and exciting skills while creating unforgettable memories.

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Drill it 

Ready, Set, Go

Youth Basketball Game

Camp Newsletter

Latest Updates

Get the latest NEWS and updates for our supporters, and their caregivers excited about participating and creating memories for a lifetime! Stay informed and connected with a diverse organization.

Wooden Basketball Court Floor


  • Instructional and Individual Clinic sessions



  •  Group sessions

        2 1/2 hrs per day, 4days      


  • Day session:

      Monday thru Friday

       7am-12p or




 We have a high staff to participant ratio that ensures every child at Hoopla Sports. has an amazing and unique experience in a safe and fun atmosphere that makes time with us enjoyable and enriching.

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